There is a long history about the popularity of crafts made by using fresh flower or natural resources added with the entity of Thai arts. Those handicrafts were successfully created by Thai predecessor. According to the records of Thai history, our predecessor had created neat fresh flower handicrafts in a purpose of decoration being consistent with Thai Buddhism traditional and custom. They did research about an appropriate characteristic of flower and leaf that would be the best condition for the use. As a consequence, our Thai fresh flower craft style became outstanding and difficult to imitate. It turned to be one of Thai entity accepted widely by the foreigners being a very distinguished art and time-consuming creation. Thai history evidence has shown an estimated beginning of this kind of creation recorded to be 1943, B.E.2486. The further explanation should be found below.

Refers to the book named “Jumrubthaosrichulaluk or Nang-noppamart”, the written document has shown the evidence of flower arrangement Bangkok popularity since the reign of Somdetphraruangjao of Sukhothai. For instance, according to the story in Jorng-Preang Royal ceremony part, there were many ladies and gentleman competing their handmade lamps. Including imperial concubines who also participated by string different shapes of flower competing in order to dedicate to the worship of Buddha’s footprint which located at “Nummathanatee”.

After Phrasri Mahosot, Nang-noppamart’s father, dedicated his own daughter to be a concubine of Somdetphraruangjao, which was after 4th of November 1907, B.E.2450, Nang-noppamart had participated the lamp competition and began to use each type of flower to create shapes such as a blooming lotus under the moonlight. She neatly selected multiple flower colors to make patterns and carved fruits to be a bird eating a lotus flower. And then, she decorated her beautiful lamp with incense & candle before floating it away. Somdetphraruangjao had impressed after seeing that amazing lamp floated through, therefore he was wondering to see the creator of that amazing lamp. Finally, Nang-noppamart had appeared to be the creator. She explained with multiple issues which could be concluded as “to create the lamp under the right of each circumstance.

At the end, Somdetphraruangjao had set a commandment of creating a lotus lamp on December full moon, well-known as Luaykrathong day, which nowadays has many modern and adapted style with the different type of flowers using.

Moreover, there is also an evidence of a grand ceremony happened in April. Many governors, millionaire, or wealthy persons had appeared before royalty to respect Somdetphraruangjao and dedicated tribute. With this opportunity, many imperial concubines had stringed flowers to create an animal lookalike. As same as Nang-noppamart, she used yellow flowers to string Pan-thong with special kind of chandelier decorated around and a flower net-shaped Malai covered its top. This creation made it looked attractive and respectful at the same time, therefore letting Somdetphraruangjao set up the command “For Thai people to welcome an important guest or celebrate a grand ceremony, Pharn-Kan-Mhak must be an essential of using.”

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