Continue with the history of Thai flower arrangement popularity, Her Royal Highness of every palace was really interested in flower arrangement Bangkok and desire to study flower arrangement in Bangkok. Every Royal Highness were all being famous and well-known for their unique skill of flower arrangement. Her Majesty Queen Somdetphrasriphacharinthara had set up the Queen commandment, making every intendant and instructors of Rajini School must attend the florist class in order to study Thai garland Bangkok, study Thai flower arrangement Bangkok, study flower arrangement Bangkok, and also adding another skill of an artificial flower making. Moreover, Her Majesty Queen also continued to support a revival of flower crafts popularity and used her free time to invent a new and better one, which causing her an illustrious garland florist. A common style of the conventional Thai garland is a pure white jasmine rounded-garland. So in order to adapt, she created spiral garland and it’s still famous and favorable in the present. She also was the first lady to adapt the garland by adding leaf into the work in order to allow more design and colors arrangement.

In the royal funeral of Somdetphrapiyamawadeesripatcharintaramada, Somdetphrasriphacharinthara’s mother, the Queen had commanded Thao Vorakananan or MRV. Pum Malakul to create and manage all garlands to decorate all windows, doors, and the Royal ossuary. All garlands had made with different color, multiple shapes, and patterns, which considered as the big evolution of Thai garland. Meanwhile, Lady Prayoonwong had created Ma Lai Krui and an eminent Thao Vorakananan also became popular and well-known as one of the best florist who specializes in beautifully string a garland with different patterns. The mentioned skill and knowledge had carried on until now by MR. Pong Malakul who is talented in fresh flower crafts and artificial flower creation.

Meanwhile, Her Majesty Queen Phrawimadather Gromphrasutthasineenart, had also gained her reputation of net-shaped flower string. The royalty of this palace was very skillful florist especially a conventional pattern string of net-shaped hanging garland. She also enhanced her ability by adapted more pattern and new colors arrangement. According to our history, it is obvious that flower arrangement with multiple methodologies was extremely prosperous. There was a revival of traditional handicrafts for the creativity of new methodology and how-to, making it more convenient and easier to string a garland. For instance, the primitive will sewed a petal and banana leaf together in order to make various flower shapes. Main materials that the primitive used are the needle, thread, and normally use petal of Allamanda. However, the modern had adapted to use various type of flower and leaf, due to the discovery of flower that has fine petal and perfects to string such as Globe Amaranth, beautifully useful and longer-lived. They had found another advantage of Globe Amaranth, which is a potential to blend any color pattern, and it inspired a new form of floral art by painting on a cardboard then use a petal of Globe Amaranth to dye any colors. The specific inventor of this art is Her Majesty, Queen. She started her gorgeous idea at a welcome ceremony of King Rama VI, returned from Europe trip. The Queen had commanded a royal painter to paint a great Naga slithering along the dining table length, then attached flowers on that paint making the dining table looked extremely graceful.

The above information is just a part of long history. You can find further amazing interesting evidence and information here from Bu-ngasari school. We are Bu-ngasari florist school, intend to teaching flower technique Bangkok to the students. Our school mainly supports conventional Thai garland patterns, however still collaborate with modern flower arrangement style in order to enhance better skills of our future efficient florist of the market. Furthermore, the school also provides several courses related to a flower business such as flower and material selection, maintenance methodology, florist differentiation, and more. The advantage of studying here is you will earn more than what you waste; the unique of the classroom, old Thai surrounded, the atmosphere suitable to practice and learn, easy to travel here, parking lots available, additionally a café in front of our school for anybody sit & rest.

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