In the reign of Somdetphraruangjao, or 650 years ago, Thai citizens were commonly string garland as their hobby. They did string a garland with different shapes and patterns such as animal-shaped lamp or appliances, as well as a net-shaped of flower string, which could elucidate the intellectual & mental progress of Thai people at that time. It is Thai dignity to preserve this prosperity until the present. In addition, the lower is a common use of worshiping Buddha in Thailand, therefore it is favorable to teach our children about flower arrangement Bangkok and teaching flower technique Bangkok.

A craft made of fresh flower, and study Thai garland Bangkok & study Thai flower arrangement Bangkok had been continuously evolved to Rattanakosin era. Somdet Kroomphrayadamrongtachanuphap had given a speech about Chaokoontanee, Chaophrayamahasen’s daughter, Boonnark. She was a consort of King Rama I and a mother of Surinthornrak, head of the department. She admired to be a very successful Thai florist. She was the one who started to teach a different shape of flower string such as an animal-shaped craft. So according to an evidence, since the date of royal celebration of Ms.Tanee’s son, during the year of 1816, B.E.2359, we could estimate the range of big flower crafts in the age of King Rama I-II, which mean had happened more than 188 years in the past.

140 years ago, there was a market extension of Thai crafts. Thai ancient learned how to adapt fabrics, papers, and a hard wax, becoming an invention of various artificial flower shapes such as Dahlia, Champak, Jasmine, etc. Somdetphrasudarattanarachaphrayul who took care of King Chulalongkorn the Great (Rama V) was very affectionate and together created many artificial flowers and bouquet during that time.

During the age of King Rama V, flower handicrafts were very favorable around Thailand. Palace women official were always competing with each other to string the most beautiful garland and outstanding flower arrangement for the use of every ceremony or celebration. Lady Samonrattanasirichet, head of the royal department, was holding the position of Director General with her intelligence and ability to compose a poetry about flowers and still being very famous until now. Her skill was widely accepted and trusted by many heads of departments.

Instead of making a conventional pattern of garland, she also created and adapted new artificial flowers such as net-shaped of flower string, short flower string for decoration, and more. Those crafts could be used to attach at a conventional bamboo wood covered by white fabric; Bundaigaew, garland with tassels, and more. At that time of Lady Samonrattanasirichet, head of the royal department was decided to create a white wire frame which will consist of any kind of flowers in order to create more outstanding and beautiful shapes such as a chandelier, etc. And also she adapted and created more patterns of hanging the garland.

The above information is just a part of long history. You can find further amazing interesting evidence and information here from Bu-ngasari school. We are Bu-ngasari florist school, intend to carry on our pride and native heritage to students who interested in study flower arrangement Bangkok of both domestic and international flowers. Our school mainly supports conventional Thai garland patterns, however still collaborate with modern flower arrangement style in order to enhance better skills of our future efficient florist of the market. Furthermore, the school also provides several courses related to a flower business such as flower and material selection, maintenance methodology, florist differentiation, and more. The advantage of studying here is you will earn more than what you waste; the unique of the classroom, old Thai surrounded, the atmosphere suitable to practice and learn, easy to travel here, parking lots available, additionally a café in front of our school for anybody sit & rest.

For anyone who would like to join the class or ask for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 064-024-9596 or the main website


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