Have you noticed? The very famous florists of Thailand are all a royalty or palace women official. This is because the best course of study floristry was at Grand Palace and female training institution. Many governors, bureaucrat, and wealthy persons demand their children or progeny to learn from those royalties with the expectation of arts & ethical etiquette experts. When there were royal ceremony or celebration, the royalty still competing each other florist skills and at the same time practicing a new generation to carry on their florist technique. The common study started by plucking flower stalks and petals, then continue to string some easy pattern of garland. After enough practice, the royalty will command their students to practice string a net-shaped hanging garland or folding petal and leaf beautifully for adult, and more.

The florist study normally emphasized on memorization and a frequency of practice. To know and understand the real beauty of garland is to experience and see garlands as much as possible, practice doing it as much as you can, and oneself ingenuity and sense of arts in order to create a good flower arrangement. When parents could notice a more knowledgeable and skills of their children, and perfect understanding of Thai traditional & cultural manner, they shall be requested for the graduation of the students in order to return home and further planning of future family. When a student’s home executed any party or celebration such as marriage, ordination, shave ceremony, birthday celebration, or funeral, etc. They will decorate their house by what they have practiced and learned from the palace in order to show off and promote their wealth by good education of their children. Thus, all of these have driven a progress of florist market and have expanded around the Kingdom of Thailand.

มาลัยFurthermore, in order of a floristry academic to move forward, it is necessary for someone who being passion on research, demonstration, adaptation, and enlargement more style and patterns. Also in order to attract those kinds of persons, reputation, honor, and essential benefits could be a set of possible inspirational factors. Whenever we listen to the story of old people, alive during the reign of King Rama VI – VIIII, we could realize the age of adaptation and recreation have happened especially within the reign of King Rama VIIII, including a modification of style, materials, and technological inclusion in order to support a floral and garland business development and sell in both domestic and international countries/region, due to the intention to worldly promote our traditional entity about crafts made of fresh flowers and the outstanding art of flower arrangement Bangkok.

The above information is just a part of long history. You can find further amazing interesting evidence and information here from Bu-ngasari school. We are Bu-ngasari florist school, intend to teaching flower technique Bangkok to students who interested in study flower arrangement Bangkok of both domestic and international flowers, study Thai flower arrangement Bangkok and study Thai garland Bangkok. Our school is mainly supported by conventional Thai garland patterns, however still collaborate with modern flower arrangement style in order to enhance better skills of our future efficient florist of the market. Furthermore, the school also provides several courses related to a flower business such as flower and material selection, maintenance methodology, florist differentiation, and more. The advantage of studying here is you will earn more than what you waste; the unique of the classroom, old Thai surrounded, the atmosphere suitable to practice and learn, easy to travel here, parking lots available, additionally a café in front of our school for anybody sit & rest.

For anyone who would like to join the class or ask for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 064-024-9596 or the main website https://bu-ngasarifloristschool.com/.

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